Emblem plaque, Springfield, Ohio

Production date
Circa 1980s
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Production date
Circa 1980s
Circular, wooden wall plaque depicting the Springfield, Ohio, town emblem. The emblem is a black transfer print showing six images within the wedges of a wheel's spokes. In the centre the date of 1850 is marked to show the year in which Springfield was incorporated as a city.

Springfield is an industrial town located in the middle of Ohio state, USA. The city includes a rich history, bustling commercial districts, outstanding cultural attractions, nationally recognised educational institutions, and a significant industrial legacy built around its road and river networks.The City of Casey's link with Springfield was established by the former City of Berwick in 1985.
The sister city connection between Casey and Springfield was initially based on commerce with both cities being a manufacturing location for International Harvester. Since then a strong and continually growing relationship has developed. Gifts such as this plaque were regularly swapped between the two municipalities as signs of friendship and it is likely the source of this plaque in the collection.

The emblem design hints towards Springfield's history and community. Starting at the top triangle wedge, the buildings represent the community in general and includes the symbol for Springfield's sign for human relations. Moving clockwisen the next triangle to the right represents education and learning. The following segment is representative of recreation and art. The wedge at the bottom has a picture of the 'Madonna of the Trail' monument, which honours the pioneer mother of covered wagon days. Erected in 1928, it marked the point west of the city where the National Road abruptly ended in the 1830s. The next triangle represents industry and the final wedge represents the variety of religions observed in the city.
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transfer print on wood
48.5 x 49.0 x 1.8 cm
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No marks or inscriptions.
Photography credit (first image)
Photograph: Viki Petherbridge
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