Ceremonial branch, Cherry Ballart

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Framed and mounted branch. Label included in frame with object reads: "Cherry Ballart/ This Cherry Ballart branch was presented to Cr. Brian Oates, Mayor of the City of Casey on the occasion/ of the Barm'burrin Yingarli Mayun Willan cleansing ceremony performed by representatives of the/ Traditional Owners of this land at Council Chambers on Tuesday June 3, 2003./ During the ceremony, the Bunurong people presented this branch to the Mayor./ As leader of the Council, the branch represents his personal passport to Bunurong land, and because/ it was just starting to fruit as an example of the food resources that he can use./ The Cherry Ballart tree is steeped in lore, sacred to men and is the only tree found right across/ Bunurong country./ During the smoking/cleansing ceremony, the Cherry Ballart leaves are used as a fire retardant/ to ensure a good supply of smoke and to stop the other oil rich leaves from bursting into flames."
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Cherry Ballart tree branch
53.5 x 97.5 x 9.0 cm (frame), 67.0 cm long (branch)
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Label on reverse "Please don't hang me/ opposite direct light or/ I shall surely fade."
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Photograph: Viki Petherbridge
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