Framed shirt, medal and team photograph, Connolly Games

JAX Sport
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Framed City of Casey 2004 Connolly games polo shirt with a Connolly Games medal and photogrpah of the City of Casey athletes.

Text on the proper left side of the shirt reads "CONNOLLY GAMES/ JULY 2004". Text on the proper right side of the shirt reads "JAX/ RISING STARS". The word "CASEY" is shown on the outer side of both sleeves. Visible half of shirt label reads "JAX/ SPORT/ TO FIT/ CHEST 90CM/ WAIST 80CM/ SMALL/ MADE IN CHINA".

Text on medal reads "Australia/ America/ Connolly/ Games/ 2004".

Label in centre, below shirt, reads "City of/ Casey/ 2004 James B. Connelly Games/ Sister City Sporting/Cultural Exchange."

Text panel in lower left reads "Athletics:/ Amy Beattie, Kirsty Dean, Greg Farley, Kim/ Munday, Susan Munday, Danielle Roberts./ Basketball:/ Jillian Appleton, James Barnes, Daniel Beales,/ Cassie Bridge, David Cameron, Johan Cupidon,/ Patricia Cupidon, Kellie Fallon, George Garrett,/ Kylie Geary, Deon Gill, Colleen Gill, Tane/ Hackman, David johnson, Esther Krause, Brett/ Maggio, Amy Manion, Matthew McDonnell,/ Christopher Munso, Jason Nayna, Vonnie Nitsios,/ Jade O'Shannessy, Tim Parker, Carolyn Pauline,/ Gavin Pauline, Lara Pauline, Wayne Pauline,/ Carmel Rodda, Natarsha Rodda, Odette Rodda,/ Sarina Santangelo, Michelle Sessler, Jason/ Suttle, Chris Taus, Jessica Thompson, Bill Toan,/ Bradley Toan, Lynne Toan, Daniaal Trezise,/ Stewart Weekes, Stacey Wightley./ Tennis:/ Michael Camilleri, Nick Camilleri, Robert/ Soblesiak."

Text on panel in lower right reads "Soccer:/ Shaka Adadikam, Lachlan Geoghegan, Matt/ Nitz, Daniel Vigilanti, Zach DeVisser, Brett/ McLatchie, Steven Sheppard, Callan Fisher,/ Cameron Morgan, Charles Ssall, Glenn/ Geoghegan, Bob Muir, Ryan Thomas../ Vollyball:/ Kearston Bloxidge, Jayde Cook, Caitlin Dobson,/ Aimee Goldfinch, Christine Goldfinch, Amy/ Green, Helen Green, Nicole Green, Jenny Hiller,/ Sue Hiller, Amanda Jukic, Danielle Nagy,/ Amanda Robertson, Barbara Svak./ Golf:/ Albert Ainge, Ross McClunie, Brent Westwick./ Council Representatives:/ Tony Lazaro, Roujeh Mizher, Mick Morland,/ Rebecca Scullion, Lisa Spiers, Michelle Steeden,/ Kay Vrieze, Chris Zaher."

The Connolly Games, held in Springfield, Ohio and the Edwin Flack Games, held in Casey, were reciprocal sporting and cultural exchange programs with Casey’s sister city, Springfield, Ohio USA. The exchange first began in 2000 when a contingent from Springfield, Ohio visited the City of Casey to participate in the inaugural Edwin Flack Games. These Games also saw contingents from Casey’s UK sister city, Berwick-up-Tweed, and Greek sister city, Ioannina. Since then, a further three exchanges between the Casey and Springfield have given participants the opportunity to be closely involved with their sister city community. Competitors were young non-professional athletes aged 16 to 18 years however these exchanges involved all age groups in roles such as officials, coaches and support personnel.

In 2004 Casey sent a contingent of 89 over to Springfield to participate in the 2004 Connolly Games. Six sports were contested being athletics, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf and tennis. In 2008, an 18 day exchange to Springfield saw 34 young Casey athletes and support personnel travelled to the USA to participate in the second Connolly Games in basketball and soccer.
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JAX Sport: Manufacturer
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Cotton, polyester, metal, colour photograph
19.5 x 29.2 cm (photograph, sight), 4.4 cm diameter (medal), 57.5 x 70.0 cm (shirt, sight), 110.0 x 89.2 x 2.5 cm (frame)
Signature & date
Framers label on reverse, lower centre, with reference number and date inscribed in blue biro "framing to a T/ Picture Framers & Designers/ Art Images for Interiors/ Hallam 9796 3398/ Berwick 9769 8686/ Ref: 56407/ Date: 23.6.05"
Photography credit (first image)
Photograph: Viki Petherbridge
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