Framed photographs, medal and flags, Connolly Games

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Commemoration and celebration of the 2008 Connolly Games, showing photographs of the City of Casey soccer team and City of Casey basketball team, along with Australian and USA flags, and a Connolly Games medal on a red, white and blue ribbon.

Label in upper centre reads "City of/ Casey/ 2008 James B Connolly Games/ Sister City Sporting & Cultural Exchange/ Springfield, Ohio, USA".

Label below upper photograph reads "2008 James B Connolly Games Casey Soccer Team/ Jade Jackson, Drisana Krull, Courtney Collins, Sarah Van Der Linde, Shirley Anthony, Chloe Bennett"

Label below lower photograph reads "2008 James B Connolly Games Casey Basketball Team/ Front: Chris McLaren, Adam D'Arcy, David Corbett, Jay Broadhurst (coach), Lewisham Alphonso, Aaron Werry/ Back: Brenton McLeod, Kevin McKenzie, Matthew Bridge, Brad Starkey, James Goodwin, Jonathan Windsor,/ Brent Russell, Paul Morello"

The Connolly Games, held in Springfield, Ohio and the Edwin Flack Games, held in Casey, were reciprocal sporting and cultural exchange programs with Casey’s sister city, Springfield, Ohio USA. The exchange first began in 2000 when a contingent from Springfield, Ohio visited the City of Casey to participate in the inaugural Edwin Flack Games. These Games also saw contingents from Casey’s UK sister city, Berwick-up-Tweed, and Greek sister city, Ioannina. Since then, a further three exchanges between the Casey and Springfield have given participants the opportunity to be closely involved with their sister city community. Competitors were young non-professional athletes aged 16 to 18 years however these exchanges involved all age groups in roles such as officials, coaches and support personnel.

In 2004 Casey sent a contingent of 89 over to Springfield to participate in the 2004 Connolly Games. Six sports were contested being athletics, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf and tennis. In 2008, an 18 day exchange to Springfield saw 34 young Casey athletes and support personnel travelled to the USA to participate in the second Connolly Games in basketball and soccer.
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colour photographs, synthetic fabric, metal, plastic
13.9 x 29.0 cm (upper photograph, sight), 13.9 x 28.9 cm (lower photograph, sight), 103.0 x 69.0 x 3.0 cm (frame)
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No marks or inscriptions.
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Photograph: Viki Petherbridge
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