Flag, City of Springfield, Ohio

Production date
Circa 1980s
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Production date
Circa 1980s
Small flag from Springfield, Ohio, showing the city's emblem in blue, and attached to a black plastic stick.

Each of the six triangles within the circular Springfield emblem represents an important aspect of the community. The triangle at the top showing buildings represents the community in general and the symbol in the bottom of this triangle is Springfield’s sign for human relations. The next triangle to the right represents education and learning. The following segment is representative of recreation and art. The triangle at the bottom depicts the “Madonna of the Trial” monument, which honours the pioneer mother of covered wagon days. Erected in 1928, it marked the point west of the city upon which the National Road was completed in 1838. It was necessary for those travelling to California in the 1800s to pass westward through this point in Springfield. The next triangle represents industry, which is an integral part of Springfield. The final triangle represents religion. The year ‘1850’ in the centre of the emblem is the year in which Springfield was incorporated as a city.
Artist/Maker and role
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Media/Materials description
synethic fabric, plastic
27.0 x 15.0 cm
Signature & date
No marks or inscriptions.
Photography credit (first image)
Photograph: Viki Petherbridge
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